Lisa K. Penning Jewelry Artist • Weaver • Metalsmith


Jewelry was my first love. I have been designing and creating beaded work since age eleven when I got my ears pierced, and I still love the texture and color of natural stones, the luster of pearls, and the shimmering facets of crystals. I now also explore jewelry in other media, and have branched out into metal construction, casting and enamel, as well as sculpture in steel and cast bronze, and weaving. I find it exciting when I can blend these fields to create multimedia works of art: weaving with wire, woven jewelry, fabric constructions with metal components... exploring the possibilities.

I have a background in theatre and my love of Shakespeare runs throughout my work, but I also draw inspiration from my personal life, from historical and traditional objects, and contemporary social concerns. And I find I am drawn to process and inquiry as much as form and content.

In the hours I spend huddled over items large and small, I seek out the moments where everything clicks into place and the design of the piece reveals itself to me, where excitement overtakes me and the work is effortless. Of course the effortless work is preceded by hours of research, sketching and experimentation, followed by problem solving, frustration and eventually, I hope, satisfaction in the act of completing a meaningful and perhaps aesthetically pleasing work.
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